Sadhu-sanga - Company of Sadhus

(this week's is a guest post by Krishnaveni Hariram)

Sadhu is one who follows Dharma.

‘I live by the side of an ocean’ said Mahendranath Gupta
the author of Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna.
A Sadhu is like an ocean – an ocean of infinite compassion.

A Sadhu is one who has knowledge of the scriptures
and leads his life according to the scriptures.
Their very life is an inspiring lesson to us.

Giving food to the needy is a great thing. But it is still greater
to make a person understand the value of Dharma,
to give him what he really wants, to help him rediscover his own self.

By their thoughts, words and deeds, Sadhus teach us Dharma.
They are the torch-bearers of our spiritual journey.

Sadhus bless the world by their very existence.
Their very presence makes the world beautiful.

They are the oasis in the desert of material world;
they are like the trees soothing us with its gentle breeze.
They are the lighthouses in the sea of life.

They are the embodiment of infinite love and compassion.

Sadhus are the abode of all virtues.
The great qualities like ahimsa, satyam and so on
which are natural to a Sadhu are disciplines
to be practiced by everyone of us.

There are three kinds of association in the world.

One is evil – it destroys a person,
like a water droplet on hot iron.

The second one gives a fleeting goodness –
like the shining of the water droplet on a lotus leaf.

The third one gives the permanent and
ultimate benefit – like the rain drop entering
a shell and becoming a pearl.

Company of Sadhus bless us with all good things in life.
It destroys the dullness in our intellect;
makes us speak truth; helps us grow;
wipes out our papas,
spreads our fame in all directions – says Bartruhari.

A Sadhu is a person who gives himself to the society.
A samskrita saying goes :
Like Sadhus, trees give shade, while being scorched
by the sun themselves.
Like Sadhus, they give their fruits to others.

There is saying in Tamil stating –
The presence of atleast a single Sadhu, brings in rain.

Sadhus lead such a life of austerity
and bless the whole humanity.
Even after leaving their physical body,
they continue to bless us.

If one has come across such
a Sadhu in one’s life, one’s life is blessed.


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