Role of Agni in Homa

Homa is worship using
Agni (fire) as the medium.

Agni acts as the medium to
reach out to other Devas.

Agni delivers offerings made
to it, to the Deva it is meant for. [*]
Agni is considered a messenger,
since he carries the offerings
made by us to the Devas. [+]

To use a modern analogy,
we could consider Agni to be the internet.

Just as internet carries my offering
(this post) to you, Agni carries the
worshipper's offerings to Devas.

[*] Taittiriya Samhita Kanda 2, Prahna 6, Anuvaka 6
[+] Taittiriya Brahmana Ashtaka 3, Prashna 5, Anuvaka 2


20 Jun marked the beginning of
Dakshinayana (summer solstice).
This is the opposite of Uttarayana.

However, most traditions
consider Dakshinayana start a few
days later.

Can me make change in the tradition ?

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