Rama Navami - Birthday of Rama

Yesterday (1 Apr) was Rama Navami,
the birthday of Shri Rama. [+]

It is observed on the Navami tithi
in the chandramana month of Chaitra.

Birth of Shri Rama

Shri Rama is considered
the perfect person,
the model man.

If one were to list out all the best
qualities that one would aspire for,
and attribute it to one person,
that person is Shri Rama.

And what would be those qualities
to aspire for ?

In the very first lines of Ramayana,
Valmiki Rishi lists out sixteen qualities.
The sixteen qualities are listed in the
form of sixteen questions
put to Narada Rishi. [*]

The questions are in the form of:
who has __ ? who is __ ?

Of course, the answer to each of the
sixteen questions is Shri Rama !

Here are those sixteen qualities which
are listed in the beginning of Ramayana:

  1. Gunavaan : Virtuous - Having high moral standards
  2. Viryavaan : Courageous / Brave / Morally strong
  3. Dharmagya : Knowing Dharma
  4. Krtagya : Thankful / Grateful
  5. Satyavaakya : Honesty - Not Lying
  6. Drdhavrata : Steadfast - Free from emotional fluctuation
  7. Chaaritra : Practicing Dharma
  8. Sarva-bhuuta-hita : Acts for the good of all beings
  9. Vidvaan : Learned / Scholar
  10. Samartha : Skilled - in doing what is learnt
  11. Priyadarshana : Charming / Attractive
  12. Aatmavaan : Confident - Self-assured
  13. Jitakrodha : Control over anger
  14. Dyutimaan : Effulgent - Radiating joy
  15. Anasuuyaka : Content / Without envy
  16. Jaataroshe DevaaH bibhyati : If angry, even gods fear

[+] Some observed it the previous day.
[*] Valmiki Ramayana Bala Kandam, First Sarga verses 2-4
Also see an english translation.

A few days back, our Acharya, Shri Jyotiraditya Shrowti
taught a beginners Sanskrit course for adults.

The objective of the course was to prepare his
(adult) students to understand his other Vedanta / Stotra
courses that he teaches with Sanskrit as the medium
of instruction.

In order to make the introductory course interesting,
he arranged for some of the Veda Paathashaalaa
students to speak in the class.
(Students converse in Sanskrit at
the Veda Paathashaalaa)

The students related stories, spoke about Dharma
and their life in the Veda Paathashaalaa (all in Sanskrit).

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