Utsarjanam: An almost extinct vedic practice

9 Jan 2012 was Paushya Purnima.
(full moon day in the lunar month of Paushya)
In the past, this day marked (aka Utsarjanam) the end of
half year period when learning of Veda chanting ended.

In the next half of the year (until Shravana Purnima
aka Upakarma aka Avani Avittam in Tamilnadu)
the meaning of the Veda (through the Vedangas) were learnt.
The practice of alternating between learning Veda chanting
and learning of its meaning has not been happening for
a few centuries now. So, the Utsarjana rites on
Paushya Purnima is no longer observed.

In our veda paathashaalaa we observed the day
by doing rishi tarpanam. Since the Utsarjana practice
is obsolete, it has been difficult to ascertain the
exact rites to be followed. We hope to research and get
a clearer picture of Utsarjana rites this time next year.

Ultimately we are trying to revive the
practice of balancing the learning of Veda chanting
and its meaning and thus follow the original tradition
of teaching and learning Veda.

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