How Paramacharya is inspiring me - Part 6
or how I am moving to a vedic lifestyle
Part 6

In a previous post I had listed
three things I wanted at that time :
1 Learn the full Krishna Yajur Veda
2 get out of Chennai
3 Get married

Now that I got married, it was
one down, two to go !

The question was, how was I going
to accomplish the rest two.

My wife, Gayathri was happy to
move out of Chennai. At the time
of marriage she was in the middle
of her research towards
a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

And was set to finish up in time
for us to move.

But move where ?

My wife is devoted to Swami Omkarananda,
a Vedanta Guru who has an Ashram at Theni.

One day I go to meet him during his visit
to Chennai. At the time I go to meet him,
Swamiji is in the middle of teaching Krishna
Yajur Veda to two young students.

On my way back home, a thought occurs -
"Gee ! would Swamiji teach me too ?".

The next morning, I say this to the wife.
She immediately calls up Swamiji.
And he agrees.

So, in that one moment both the other desires
were set to be fulfilled.

Swamiji was busy with his other commitments.
Even Swamiji teaching the two young students
had to be discontinued
within a few days.

The workable arrangement was that,
wife and I would move to Pudukottai.
There a Veda Pathashaalaa is already
operating and that I could learn from
the acharya of the Paathashaalaa.

But then what is life without a few twists and turns !

By the time we moved to Pudukottai in Apr 2007,
the Paathashaalaa was not operating !
No acharya. No students.
However Swamiji made alternate arrangements.

Shri Ganesha Ganapadigal came and taught
for an hour a day. Within a week two new
students joined the class.
That sure helped in my own studies.

The two new students justified finding a new
full time acharya for them. So, a few months later
Shri Balaji Shastri [+] came to be the acharya
of the Paathashaalaa.
It is from him that I learnt most of Krishna Yajur Veda.

Within a few months of his arrival, the two new
students, who were learning with me, quit.
They did not return from their vacation.

So, I ended being the only student !
The acharya devised a fast track mode of teaching.
And we had multiple sessions each day.
Ultimately I finished with the classes within two years.
The deadline I had set myself.

With all those multiple twists and turns,
that I was even able to complete my goal of
learning Krishna Yajur Veda can be
attributed to the Tapas of Paramacharya
Guru and the many great souls of this world.

So, a guy who spent most of his time staring
at monitors and who had very little inclination
towards Veda turned out into learning one Veda.

But the change did not happen in a few days.
Even internally it was not that I had an
epiphany one fine day that - "I would do this".

It was gradual. It started from thinking -
Let me see how it goes. Then to -
Let me learn a little more. To -
Let me spend a year on it. To -
Doing nothing on that front for 5 years. To -
spending most waking hours of the day
just chanting the Veda.

(... to be continued)

[+] He is an expert on Puranas too.
Many references in Puranas that I mention
in my posts have been based on pointers
given by him.

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