How Paramacharya is inspiring me - Part 4
or how I am moving to a vedic lifestyle
Part 4

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So, in Jun 2001, I moved from
California to Kanchipuram.

The plan was to spend one year
learning Veda and get back to
a "Normal" job after that one year.

It was not even - "I will see for
one year and then take stock."
I was so sure, I wanted to get back
to a corporate job.

Bala Periyava [+] made arrangments
for my studies at Kanchipuram.
It was a memorable one year at Kanchi.

Memorable for the Sadhana
I was able to do. Memorable for the clarity
I got in the values to maintain.
Most importantly, memorable for
the joy of just being there.

It was during this period I first
started the practice of doing
Gayatri Mantra Japa (repetition)
a thousand times every day.

In addition to Japa, my daily routine
included Veda & Samskrita classes,
self-study and watching Deepa-Aradhana
of Chadramoulishwara [#] Puja.

I mostly learnt parts of Krishna Yajur Veda
from Shri Biscot Srinivasa Shastri.
Exactly one year after I started learning
from him, he died. Exactly to the day,
but one year later. It seemed as if he
was waiting to teach me before he left.

I learnt a few Rg Veda mantra from
Shri Dandapani Shastri and a few Saman
and Samskrita from Shri Jyotiraditya Shrowti.

At the end of the one year at Kanchi,
I was grateful for the opportunity I got to
learn. And grateful for being able to
be at Shankara Mata and the Brindavanam of

Towards the end of the one year, I wanted
to get ahead in learning Veda.
I wanted to completely learn Krishna Yajur Veda.

However, for the next five years I never
learnt even one new verse in Krishna Yajur Veda.
I did not give up hope. I knew, I would get
that opportunity. When? How? I did not know.

In the meantime, I moved to Chennai and lived
with my parents. I took up assignments in
the area of Computer Software that was of
interest to me.

One day, while going to work in an Auto,
I was stuck in traffic. It was extremely noisy.
The petroleum fumes wafting around
was not making things better.

I say to myself, "This is not the place
I want to be.".

"Ok. But I cannot move out today.
Neither can I be here for ever.
So, pick a number. Five."

"Ok. Five years from the time I moved
to Chennai, I stop living in Chennai
(or any big city) [*] on a continuous basis."

That deadline tuned out to be Jun 2007.
How am I going to accomplish this ? No idea.
Where am I going to go ? I don't know.

So here I was (in 2003/2004)
roaming around in Chennai wanting to:
1 Learn the full Krishna Yajur Veda
2 Get out of Chennai

and ...

3 Get married

It turned out that getting married
was the key to the other two.
But that happened later.

The process before finally getting married
was an unique adventure of its own!

(... to be continued)

[+] Shri Shankara Vijayendra Sarasvati -
70th Acharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham
[#] Chandramoulishwara is the spatika lingam,
for which acharyas do puja everyday.
[*] Years later, I modified that to
"If I have to live in a city again,
Its got be Kashi". Story for another day.

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