One year of newsletters

It is has been one year since
we started this weekly newsletter series.

This is the 53rd week since I
posted the first newsletter. I missed
sending out three times in the year.
So, this is the 50th post in the series.

The postings have been mostly on
the festivals we observe with occasional
posts on other aspects of our culture.
All with a slant on practices I am exposed to.

It is difficult to generalize our cultural
practices. What is a big event in one
tradition is a non-event in another.

Our traditions vary with
region, language, varna, jaati, family.
And I am aware of only a few of them.
If you are aware of alternate traditions,
please write about it.

It has been a rewarding experience to
put together the weekly postings.
I have learned a lot during this process.

This newsletter goes out to about 1400 email ids.
Some of you (around 120 people) have written
back from time to time with your feedback.
Thank you for your feedback. Your feedback is
a good motivator to keep writing every week.

Just wondering how many more read …
Can you do me a favor ?

Can you reply to this mail ? You don’t have
to write anything. Just press the Reply
button and then send it. That way I know
that you are reading. Thank you for your

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