Deva Yagna - worship of Devas
or offering to Devas

Deva Yagna is one of the
Pancha Maha Yagna.

Deva Yagna is done by
offering to Devas.

Doing Puja at home,
going to temples
are examples of Deva Yagna.

In a previous post,
I had mentioned Deva Yagna
as worship through Agni.

It is the interpretation in Veda
and some of the Rishis of the
past. [+]

However, over the centuries
the interpretation has changed
to make Deva Yagna as any
offerings to Devas.
Not necessarily to be through Agni.

The keywords associated with
Deva Yagna in Smriti
literature are:
Homa, Svaahaakaara

Homa, of course, means
worship through Agni.
There is no alternate way
to interpret it.

Svaahaakaara can be
interpreted to be any kind
of offerings to Devas. [#]

Also, Krishna says in the Gita:
"I accept any offerings made
with devotion, be it leaves,
flowers, fruits, or water" [&]

'Any offerings' include Dhyaana
(thought offering) and
Bhajana (word offering)

However, if one were to go by
what the Veda says
(of worshipping through Agni),
there is a simple way of doing it.

Agni acts as a messenger
who delivers our offerings to Devas.
So, it is still a valid form of worship !

Aupasana, the daily worship by
means of Agni is an example of it.

It is done daily twice during the
two Sandhya times (twilight).
The offering in the Aupasana Agni
is raw rice.

This rite is being called Agnihotra
by some of the practitioners.

Traditionally, Agnihotra is the name of
a more elaborate Agni rite.

Aupasana is done with a single fire while
Agnihotra is with three fires.
Aupasana takes 5 minutes to do while
Agnihotra takes more than 1 hour.

Agnihotra is mentioned in Veda.
Aupasana is mentioned in Smriti texts.
Aupasana is a simplified form of Agnihotra.

I suppose there was a need to simplify
even centuries back.

Whatever be your form of Deva Yagna.
The choice is yours.
But, do it. Everyday.

[+] Taittiriya Aranyakam 2:10 ; Manu Smriti 3:70
[#] Sayana in the bhashya (commentary)
on the Vedas, Taittiriya Aranyakam 10:67
[&] Bhagavad Gita 9:26

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