About parampara.in

parampara.in is a non-profit organization that promotes the practice and propagation of Indian Heritage by:


To create spiritual & natural living spaces and to propagate the Indian way of life


Establish a system so that by 2050, the number of new graduates per year in Vedas, Vedangas and Upangas are ten times that of 2010.


Five year goal

By 2015, teach :


Samavedula Advaita Jyotiraditya Shrowti is a Vedic scholar & teacher. He has learnt the Sama, Atharvana & Yajur Vedas and has expertise in Samskrtam language & literature, Vedangas and Upangas. His mission in life is to propagate Vedas & allied knowledge through the traditional gurukula system.

R Hariram Aatreya is a computer engineer and Vedic scholar. Inspired by Kanchi Paramacarya's writings, he first started learning Veda at the age of 28. Through parampara.in, he is looking to setup a system to attract talent towards Vedic studies and integrate contemprorary tools into Vedic studies.

N Muthu Velayutham is a social entrepreneur based in Madurai. Through CCD, the organization he founded, he has built expertise in micro finance, community enterprises, medicinal plants conservation/processing and local health traditions. He believes that living in harmony with nature and upholding our spiritual traditions are the key to our happiness.

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