Significance of Margazhi

All the seasons have their own beauty, the month of Margazhi has some
thing more special.
"Among the months, I am Margashirsha" says Lord Krishna in the Gita.

Margazhi means chill breeze, devotional songs flowing gently from the
nearby temple, music season everywhere, spectacular kolams expressing
our cultural beauty, mouth-watering prasadam etc., etc.,
Margazhi month presents a feast for our senses as well as for our soul.

The month of Margazhi is considered to be the Brahma muhurta of the Devas.
Andal's Tiruppavai and Manickavasagar in Tiruvempavai show us the path
of spiritual awakening.

It is surprising to note in our culture, that in the coldest month of
Margazhi, we are expected to wake up early, take bath in cold water
(Kulla Kulira Kudainthu Neeradi says Andal) and worship the Lord.

Andal in her Tiruppavai says,

"Cleanse your body and mind,
Offer flowers to the Lord,
Chant his divine hymns,
Meditate upon Him - and
All your sins will be burnt"

Let us take this month of Margazhi to refresh our Love towards the
Lord and rejuvenate  our spiritual journey.

With thanks,
Krishnaveni Hariram

for Indian Heritage

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