Nature of God
(based on Tirukkural)

We, human beings look upon God as the supreme power behind the entire creation. 
We worship God in so many thousands of forms, address him by thousands of names.

Vedas and all other scriptures based on the Vedas talk about God.

Saint Tiruvalluvar in his Tirukkural describes the nature of God, in keeping with the Vedic tradition.

1. God is the intelligent cause for the entire universe.

Being the intelligent cause, he has the knowledge of everything in the universe.

2. God is omniscient.
A watch-maker has the knowledge of watches, a potter has the knowledge of pot making, same way - God has the knowledge of everything. 

3. God is the Conscious principle, the in-dweller of every being.  God is present in every one of us. Thus we have kanya puja, brahmachari puja, dampati puja, Go puja, Vriksha Puja, Nadi Puja and so on in our culture. Everything in the entire creation is an object of worship. 
Sri rudra mantras of the Krishna Yajur Veda identifies God present in every being and beautifully worships him. 

4. God is free from likes and dislikes. He is ever-just.

All the religions of the world accept God as the maker, the intelligent cause of the entire universe. Vedic scriptures add that God is the material cause too.
Every creation has got two causes. For making chappatis, we need wheat flour (material cause) and a person who will make it (intelligent cause). God is both the maker and the material cause of the universe.

5. God pervades the entire creation. He is not limited by the boundaries of space. 

The entire universe is a manifestation of God. God alone manifests as the five elements. Thus God is worshipped as Akasa (space) in Chidambaram, Vayu (air) in Srikalahasti, Agni (fire) in Tiruvannamalai, Jala (water) in Tiruvanaikka and Pritvi (earth) in Kanchipuram.

6. God has perfect control over his creation and also remains unattached to his own creation. 

7. God is beyond comparison. There is no person who is equal to or greater than God. He is the only one, supreme being.

8. God is an ocean of Dharma. The laws which maintain the universe in a certain order is God.

9. God is not limited by the boundaries of Time. He is present in all the three periods of time. He is beyond time. God alone appears as Time and Space. God is the very existence - the isness in every being.

In short,
10. The nature of God is Sat (Pure Existence) Chit (Pure Consciousness) Ananda (Limitlessness).

With thanks,
Krishnaveni Hariram

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