Manushya Yagna
by Krishnaveni Hariram

Pancha Maha Yagna is a beautiful concept designed by Vedas through
which one can give back  to parents, God, society, ecosystem and
Manushya Yagna is one among the Pancha Maha Yagna, which means helping
all other fellow human beings.
Daanam means sharing one’s wealth, time with people who are in need of it.
It is not just charity, but caring for people.
This caring can be expressed through different means.
Daanam is prescribed as an important discipline in Bhagavad Gita* by
Sri Krishna.
Daanam can be described as gift.
There are three types of offering gifts – Saatvika Daanam, Raajasa
Daanam and Tamasa Daanam.
The gift which is given as an expression of duty, at the right place
and time, to a worthy person, from whom we expect nothing in return is
considered to be Saatvika Daanam.
The gift which is given with expectation of getting something in
return is known as Raajasa Daanam.
The gift that is given at a wrong place and time, to an unworthy
person, without respect, or with insult is declared to be Taamasa
Anna Daanam - giving food to the needy is considered to a great daanam.
Vidya Daanam is offering education.

(* BG XVIII -3,4)
(**BG XVII – 20,21,22)

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