Dharma: What, Why, How

What is Dharma ?
Dharma is a set of actions/steps
that lead to eternal happiness. [+] 

Why bother about Dharma ?
Everyone of us want to be happy. We want to be happy not
just at this moment. We want the happiness to continue to
the next moment too. We want it to last long. Want it to
last forever. We want to be always happy.

Dharma is the means to be in this always happy state.

One could look at "Eternal Happiness" as a mountain peak.
As a snow capped mountain peak of the Himalaya.
Pretty high. Difficult to climb.

Like the mountain peak, eternal happiness has multiple
routes leading to it and like the mountain peak,
requires certain discipline on the part of the individual
to attain it.

To scale the peak, we ask fellow travelers for the route.
We seek guidance from people who have already scaled it.
We refer to guide books written by climbers of the past.

Same goes with the peak of eternal happiness. We ask
around "To be always happy, what steps should I take".
We seek advice from divine souls who are always in the
happy state. We read records of the seekers of the past.

How to practice Dharma ?
So what are those steps that lead to eternal happiness ?

There cannot be a one solution fits all in this situation.
Why so?

In this spiritual journey we are at different points from
The Peak. Someone is east of The Peak, some west of it.
Some nearing The Peak while another is at sea level.

So what next steps to The Peak 
might be different for each individual.

However Rishis have made it easy for us to make the decision
on what constitutes Dharma for each of us. They have classified
Dharma into two categories.

One is common to all. Values like Satya (Truth),
Dayaa (Compassion) are examples of this. This
category is also called saamaanya dharma.

The second is following ones own family tradition.
Each of our families have their own unique spiritual
tradition. There is a reason to be born in the
family you are. Because the Dharma of the family
is the best suitable for you.

This family tradition may be articulated by elders
in the family. Or maybe it is a spiritual teacher who
guides you on this.

[+] Also known as Moksha, Brahma-gyana

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