Tuesday (Nov 13) is Deepavali.

Deepavali marks at least three different events :
1. Victorious Rama's arrival at Ayodhya (observed in the Northern traditions)
2. Krishna killing Naraka-Asura (observed in most Southern traditions)
3. Vamana sending Mahabali to Patala

While Deepavali is the most important festival in many traditions
across the country, the Malayalam tradition does not observe it at all.

In the Malayalam tradition, Mahabali is held in high regard.
I suppose, one does not want to observe defeats of your own people.
Hence the non-observance in the Malayalam tradition ?

I had written about Deepavali in a blog post, two years back:

It talks about references to Deepavali in the Shastra-s and
a description of how Deepavali was celebrated in a village
in the Kaveri delta 50+ years back.

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