Brahma Yagna - worship of knowledge

Brahma Yagna is one of the
Pancha Maha Yagna.

Brahma Yagna is
worship of knowledge.

And how does one
worship knowledge ?
By learning and then
teaching it.

Out of the five Yagna, Brahma Yagna
is probably the only one where any
kind of material offering cannot be attributed.

There is a saying in Sanskrit :
Knowledge cannot be divided among brothers.
It is not heavy. When spent (shared) it only grows.
Knowledge is the best form of wealth.

One definition of knowledge is that it is
solutions to problems.

Knowing the solutions to problems (Learning) is one aspect.
By this ones problems are solved. The very act of knowing
is Brahma Yagna.

Remembering to use the solution the next time one faces
the same or similar problem is another aspect. For that
one needs to keep in touch with the knowledge.
Keeping in touch with the known knowledge is Brahma Yagna.

What problems one faces now is likely to be faced by others
in the future. So sharing the solutions is yet another aspect.
Teaching ones knowledge is Brahma Yagna.

So, what does it mean to do Brahma Yagna everyday:
. Learn something everyday
. Revise past learning everyday
. Teach everyday

A tool for learning :
For almost two years, I have been using
spaced repetition software to learn & review
whatever interested me.

The principle behind spaced repetition is :
. we forget learned things
. unless reviewed at intervals
. this interval varies for each person

spaced repetition software can optimize
these intervals for each individual.
Also, one should cut the knowledge entity
into easy to learn smaller pieces.

I have used them to learn topics ranging
from meaning of Veda to maps of countries.
And have found them to be very effective
in my learning. This has been one form
of my Brahma Yagna.

The software one could use:

Here are some links on formulating the knowledge
to be input to the software for effective learning:

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