Bhuta Yagna - worship of other beings

Bhuta Yagna is one of the
Pancha Maha Yagna.

Bhuta Yagna is done by
offering food and comfort to
non-human beings.

Bhuta includes animals and plants.

Offering food to crows,
watering plants / trees
are examples of Bhuta Yagna.

In the past people used to provide for
stone pillars for cows/goats to scratch
their itch by rubbing their back against the pillar.

Record for such provisions
is found in many stone inscriptions.

When eating each meal, one could
set aside a small part of food one
eats for the small insects.

This is also a Bhuta Yagna one could
do everyday.

It is said that, if you cannot do any good
to someone, at least one should strive 
not to do anything bad.

In our current life, not using insecticides
would be a way of not doing any harm to

This would be a Bhuta Yagna too.

In urban context, not using insecticides
really means not buying stuff that
use insecticides.

However, most foodstuff we buy today
is laced with insecticides. It requires
more than a normal effort to go against
this trend.

Are we ready to make an effort to buy
only stuff that is without insecticides ?

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